What the GFE Means to Me

There seems to be much confusion and disparity between many would-be clients and escorts as to what a GFE should/would/could include, and as to whether it is a term used to describe a type of service or a list of services.
The Ultimate GFE (or Girlfriend Experience)

I attach a quote I found by a poster on Quora which, in my opinion, describes the GFE in the most succinct way possible…a ‘no-frills’ explanation that would cater to most (if not all) providers of a GFE service. It says “…an advertised GFE service…indicates the provider offers services aligned with what you’d expect from a romantic partner…GFE providers will hug, kiss, snuggle, compliment you, and otherwise be pretty flirtatious with you.”

While I’m sure potential clients would love to have a firm and set description of a list of services that encapsulate the ultimate ‘girlfriend experience’, the fact of the matter is this will never happen for one reason only, and that is because it is called a girlfriend EXPERIENCE. It’s your EXPERIENCE of a particular provider, not a menu of do’s or don’ts.

The GFE service was never meant to include a carte du jour of services. At the forefront of what makes this an unreasonable expectation is the assumption that each and every escort is one and the same, when the truth is that we are all different and we do not all provide the same services. Then again, even if it was a collection of services that the GFE referred to, what you would expect out of a GFE service would completely vary from one provider to another.

What GFE means to me. What you could expect when you request for the GFE with me?

To me, the GFE encompasses an ambience of warmth, an aura of love and a feeling I will ignite in you that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside…kinda like how a ‘real’ girlfriend would make you feel. The best part about this GFE experience with me is that it is a NSA (no strings attached), drama-free arrangement with mutual benefits. You go home feeling happy and empowered by the experience I provide, and I take with me the satisfaction of providing a service that satiates you while getting paid for it.

What I can assure you a GFE never is and never will be is an all-access pass to bareback, natural or unprotected sexual services with me. If you are even looking for such a service, count your final lucky disease-free days because it won’t be long before you will need to make a trip to the doctor’s for HIV treatment. The expectation that a GFE is one where you don’t have to wear a condom is not only highly skewed but also completely unrealistic. Because you may not wear/not have worn a condom with your girlfriend does not mean you do not have to wear one with anyone else you have sexual relations with.

To me, a girlfriend experience is where I offer a service that I would associate with being in a romantic relationship with you, your girlfriend for the hour (or hours), except without the extended headaches of being in a real-life hookup. It is a feeling I give of being your ‘girlfriend’…where you have my undivided attention from the start to the conclusion of our rendezvous, where I get paid to leave once our time together is up.

My GFE may include kissing, hugging, touching, cuddling and other physical signs of affection. This list is non-exhaustive and open to suggestions to the point of sexually unsafe services. To me, a GFE service is one where I provide more than (as a client very aptly put it) a “wham, bam, thank you mam” service. It is where I offer an intent listening ear, offer a safe space for an intimate connection and a date-like experience presenting as a romantic partner whether in private or in public.

It is where I make you feel completely at ease with being around me, where I make you feel at home in a place that might seem foreign. I do this by going the extra mile…by taking steps to ensure that our time together and your entire experience with me as a high end escort is pleasurable from start to finish.

Who does my GFE service cater to?

While the bulk of my clientele are wealthy men seeking an upscale luxury companion, my services aren’t reserved just for the filthy rich. The type of client who seeks my GFE services is one who:

– Wants the attention of a ‘girlfriend’, with or without sexual intercourse
– Is too busy with his career or business to maintain a relationship, who would like a GFE without the work that is involved in maintaining an ongoing affair
– May be in a relationship devoid of sex or intimacy…those who miss touching, kissing, cuddling and affection (mind you, some escorts don’t kiss)
– Is physically disabled and who may never have had an authentic girlfriend experience
– Has never been in a relationship or never had a girlfriend and who craves the feeling of being ‘loved’
– Craves for the soft touch of a female

Some people say it is easy money.

Julia Roberts was the highest paid actress at a point in time. But I bet no one would question her ‘fakeness’ for providing an ‘acting service’ or say she made ‘easy money’. She was paid to perform a role, whichever role she decided to take on, and then leave with a handsome paycheck at the end of the day. Some would say I am paid for a fake display of emotion. I say I am paid to perform a role…the role of a temporary girlfriend.

While it may seem like easy money, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The GFE service to me (similar to the BDSM services I provide) is emotionally intensive. It is the reason why my fee doesn’t change whether it involves sex or not. Most would consider my fee significant for overnights and weekends.

While it may not involve sexual activity per se, what it does involve is considerable mental preparation for being on a constant ‘high’ for the duration of the session (and in my case being drug-free, a high that is achieved without the same and solely from personal mental stimulation), then having to ‘come down’ at the end of it all. Often times, I am so hyped up after a GFE (or Domme) session that I have to take alone time to wind down.

You pay for a service, a service to be with the ‘me’ I may be with my real-life boyfriend (when I am really nice to him 🙂 ). But when I (or ‘you’) walk out that door, it is the reason why you make payment for such a service…for the ‘end’. You pay for the height of the thrill of being enveloped in affection, for being on a temporary high, a high that keeps you coming back for more. You pay to see the ultimate girlfriend version of me….temporarily. You are buying a romantic experience, one that makes you feel real and ‘really’ loved…without the entanglements of a traditional relationship.

A GFE with me is one where I will look into your eyes and make you feel throughly appreciated for who you are. It goes above and beyond prostitution, sex and money. It is a service where I give some of myself to you in the form of a real romance (albeit temporary)…and for this, I expect to be generously remunerated. A modern day courtesan so to speak, who will grace you with wit and charm, a role popular in the times of the Italian Rennaissance.



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The Ultimate GFE