Singapore Tours

I love travelling to Singapore for exclusive meets and scheduled tours.

You’ll find my scheduled tour dates to Singapore below. I try to keep these updated as often as I can. But if you see me falling short of this, please visit my SG profile for my most up to date tours.

14th – 20th March ’19
1st – 6th April ’19
11th – 16th April ’19

Please contact me to confirm my availability during the Singapore tour dates above as I am often called away for exclusive meets in other cities.

Kuala Lumpur
21st – 22nd March ’19
28th – 30th March ’19
Kuala Lumpur
9th – 10th April ’19
23rd – 25th April ’19
Hong Kong
26th – 27th April ’19


Fly Me To You

23rd – 27th March ’19
7th – 8th April ’19
17th – 22nd April ’19


Should you wish to see me outside of the schedules dates above, please contact me to discuss an arrangement to meet with you exclusively (a minimum duration will apply). I may also be able to organise a tour around your visit to Singapore or other international city, so please don’t hesitate to ask.





August 2017 – Sydney & Adelaide, Australia
October 2017 – Brisbane & Whitsundays, Australia
November 2017 – Doha, Qatar &, Jakarta, Indonesia
January 2018 – Perth & Adelaide, Australia
February 2018 – Perth, Australia, Hong Kong, China & Doha, Qatar
April 2018 – Shanghai, China & Tokyo, Japan
July 2018 – Tokyo, Japan
January 2019 – Melbourne, Brisbane, Mackay, Airlie, Australia
February 2019 – Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne
March 2019 – Jakarta/Indonesia, Hong Kong/China, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia