Singapore Escort

Singapore…My First Love

Singapore was always one of my favourite places to visit on holiday. The sounds, smells, vibes, local coffee shops and hawker centres intrigued me and satisfied me to the deepest levels.

After being “headhunted” by Liz for a free set-term advertising package on Escorts of Singapore somewhere in the middle of 2017, I found out pretty quickly how much Singapore loved me back. So on my first Singapore tour I went…then again a couple of months later…and again a couple of months later. In 2018, Singapore cried and yearned for my presence and ever since, I’ve been hooked! My tours to Singapore have upped in frequency and I’m not complaining!

How could anyone resist feeling so loved?! I sure couldn’t…so you have me for good. In 2018, I decided to make Singapore my Asian ‘base’. Because of this, you’ll be seeing so much more of my beautiful face. 🙂

My trips to Singapore are not all about work…work…work. (Rihanna’s song is ringing in my head.) They’ve been about savouring every living moment of the moisturising humidity, the warming air on my skin and the delicious Singaporean cuisines. I schedule specific days off to pamper myself (at my favourite Chinese massage parlour with a full body and reflexology massage), lounge on the pristine beaches (or at my hotel’s pool…but only if it serves Singapore Sling cocktails to my sun-lounge 😉 ) and visit one of the many fabulous five star restaurants around Orchard town.

So here I am…the first ever Australian Anglo-Indian Singapore Escort waiting to rendezvous with you in what I call an ‘ultra-fabulous’ Singapore City.

To thank Liz for the opportunity she saw in me and gave to me, I ever so gratefully tribute my 5 Star Verified EOS profile on this page:




July 2017 – Singapore
September 2017 – Singapore
November 2017 – Singapore
February 2018 – Singapore
April 2018 – Singapore x2 visits
May 2018 – Singapore
June 2018 – Singapore
July 2018 – Singapore
August 2018 – Singapore x2 visits
September 2018 – Singapore x2 visits
October 2018 – Singapore x 2 visits
November 2018 – Singapore x2 visits
December 2018 – Singapore x2 visits
January 2019 – Singapore x1 visit
February 2019 – Singapore x2 visits
March 2019 – Singapore x2 visits
April 2019 – Singapore x2 visits
May 2019 – Singapore x2 visits
June 2019 – Singapore x2 visits



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