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Hong Kong Rendezvous

I am available In Hong Kong (and Macau) during my scheduled tours, to meet with you on location or to accompany you on your business trip or vacation travel.

When a pre-planned Hong Kong tour turns into an invitation for a Hong Kong rendezvous, my time reserved by a generous Chinese gent, there is no other reaction than to revel in delight.

How could I say no to an all expense paid trip, business class flights (first class had Singapore Airlines not been booked out) and a private Harbour View room at Four Seasons Hong Kong? As much as I would have loved to have met beautiful new lovers in HK, I would’ve been mad to refuse.

So here, I share with you a brief glimpse into my time in vibrant Central HK City.



Landing and arriving just after lunchtime at the Hong Kong International Airport, and after finally checking into a room with the most stunning views (the best placed hotel in Hong Kong if you ask me), I hear my tummy grumble. When in Hong Kong, I eat as the Chinese do. Little did I know when I ordered Fried Rice off the room menu that I would be having a Michelin star room service experience with deliciously coated grains of rice.

Spoiled with in-room dining of the finest kind, I let the waiters know every single time for my table to be set up looking out onto the expansive water views. 🙂

(Pictured: Hainanese Chicken Rice & A healthy omelette for brekkie)

This in combination with free-flowing Bollinger in the Club Room that evening, and I was in heaven.



The next day, we were dining at the Michelin Star ‘Lung King Heen’. How privileged we were to be hotel guests (for whom dining at the restaurant was mostly reserved). I’d highly recommend a meal here if you can allow significant time to book ahead with the 2 month waitlist.

(Recommendations: Goose Leg, Steamed Eggplant and Seabass)



At night time the glitzy Ritz Carlton Hong Kong sparkled with a little piggy (for the Chinese New Year of the Pig) on the north of Hong Kong Island in Tsim Tsa Shui (across Hong Kong harbour).

Another night, another feast. We meet with his best friends and work buddies for a merry time at another diamond of a restaurant, on my highly recommended list – the impressive John Anthony Cantonese Grill & Dim Sum in Causeway Bay.

Indulged with a magnificant spread, I whispered at one point to my neighbour that I ‘felt like a pig’, as if totally in sync with CNY celebrations (but only as a matter of hindsight). I’m sure I wasn’t the only one at the table who felt that way. With a 2005 Margaux from Chateau DuTertre’s thousand year old estate and a 10 course degustation, it was no wonder why. 🙂

(Pictured: Goose Leg, Wagyu, BBQ Char Siew)

While it was hard to resist their delicious pandan flavoured plum sugar-coated cocktail, be careful having too many drinks here unless you like getting lost in restrooms. 🙂



As photos of pet dogs, kids and families were shared around the table, a momentarily lapse befell…that I was sitting at a table with some of the most highly regarded head honchos of Hong Kong’s banking and finance sector.


(Four Seasons HK Pool Views)


It was the best Fly-Me-To-You escape ever.


(All images taken with permission)

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